Learn the History Behind Mickie’s Miracles

Mickie’s Miracles advocated for parents to get their child an urgent diagnosis and the highest level of care at Level IV Pediatric Epilepsy Centers, increased awareness about the catastrophic dangers of pediatric epilepsy, and fought for legislative change to reduce barriers to care and research funding.

“Caring for Caregivers Mental Health Program” Resource Library


One out every two parents caring for children with threatening illnesses suffer from acute anxiety and depression symptoms — and that’s why Mickie’s Miracles is now providing mental health support for parents and other caregivers of medically complicated children. 

The primary goal of the CFCMHP is to support the caregivers of medically complicated children through mental health conversations and practical coping mechanisms.

The Pediatric Epilepsy Podcast

With Kristie Griess and Dario Herrera

The Pediatric Epilepsy Podcast provided a space for conversations that were both heart wrenching, hopeful and inspiring. We talked with parents doing their best to manage their child’s epilepsy, taking on issues like mental health and the need for urgency when dealing with a diagnosis or treatment. We engaged with the world’s most respected pediatric epileptologists and caregivers at all levels — all within a comfortable, caring and creative setting

Mickie’s Miracles: Beyond the Diagnosis


“Beyond the Diagnosis” existed to prepare families for what they can expect after the diagnosis. A diagnosis and treatment protocol is only the beginning of what will likely be a long, challenging journey – and we asked parents and experienced pediatric epilepsy experts to join us to support families new to pediatric epilepsy through the process.

Miracle by Nina Grae: Featuring Mikayla & Preston Griess

Epilepsy is a progressive disease that is catastrophic to the developing brain. It is a chronic medical condition that is marked by recurrent seizures. A seizure is an event of altered brain function which is caused by abnormal or excessive electrical discharges from brain cells.

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders, it affects up to one percent of the population in the US. More than 45,000 children are diagnosed with Epilepsy each year.

Mickie's Miracles - Promoting Pediatric Epilepsy Awareness
Baby Mickie and Mommy

A Pediatric Epileptologist is a Pediatric Neurologist that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and management of Epilepsy in children. These doctors are highly trained in reading EEGs and other diagnostic tools in regards to Epilepsy. An Epileptologist is the highest level of care one can seek in the epilepsy field.

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