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Mickie’s Miracles is committed to helping families suffering from pediatric epilepsy get to the highest level of care urgently. We understand what it’s like to have a seizing child fail protocol after protocol with no answers — so we provide families with the tools, support, and advocacy they need to get answers and treatment for their child.

Your donations will help us provide more support for more families when it’s needed most. We understand that for many COVID-19 will continue to be the focus of their attention, but that doesn’t mean our mission to eradicate pediatric epilepsy and give these precious young ones the chance to experience quality of life is any less important. The need is real — and we must find ways to meet it!

By giving us a hand ($5) or two ($10) or more we can help provide financial assistance directly to families. We can continue connecting families with the highest level of care urgently — and so much more. Your helping hand will make a huge difference in our fight against pediatric epilepsy. If you would like to become one of our partners or learn more about how you can help even more, please contact us now!

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