There are very few homes in life that you walk into and instantly envision your life and mission so vividly that you must make it a reality.  Gabe and I had that experience recently.  And last week, we signed the papers for our new home.

However, our new home is more than that. We are perfectly connected with its rich history and it holds amazing possibilities for the future.

Gabe and I purchased 225 Buck Avenue in Vacaville — The Buck Mansion.  It is the iconic Brick home on main street. From the Buck family came the last State Senator from Vacaville.  As Gabe makes his run for Senate the history couldn’t be more aligned.

For me, it will become the home of Pediatric Epilepsy and RARE Disease awareness, education and partnership.  The home of Mickie’s Miracles, a nonprofit in honor of our daughter.  I can’t wait to get to work and am anxious to share it with the Special Needs community.

Appropriately, Richard Rico was our first visitor and wrote this article.

Love to you and your family as you make today more beautiful.


Mrs. Griess

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