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Baby Gabby’s Infantile Spasms Story

There is no proper way to truly introduce our guest for today’s blog, but I will start with saying that Chris is an amazingly dedicated father to his daughter Gabby. After his daughter was diagnosed with infantile spasms, like me, Chris took it upon himself to spread the word so that other parents and caregivers would know they were not alone. Sharing your story is always emotional, always difficult, but so important to ensuring we inform parents of the dangers of ...
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Making Waves

The past two months have been a blur of excitement and change. November marked epilepsy month and the one year anniversary of our non-profit organization. In November, we focused our advocacy efforts on exploring how pediatric epilepsy effects all aspects of a patient’s family. In a series of interviews with my seven-year-old son, Preston, we learned how Mickie’s diagnosis and brain surgery affected him. We received feedback that this type of dialogue was helpful to families in understanding that they ...
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The Brain Recovery Project

Nicole Gantz Murray serves as the Director of Development for The Brain Recovery Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children reach their full potential after brain surgery to stop seizures.
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Baby Dani: Never Forgotten

As Infantile Spams Awareness Week approaches, I am reminded of some very special people whose stories have been imprinted on my heart and fuel our mission to educate parents, medical professionals and legislators on the devastating effects seizures have on the developing brain of a
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Hope, Healing and Laughter

Kristie on our Contributor: Hilary Harris is a pastor at The Fathers House in Vacaville, Ca. where her husband Rich is also a Worship Pastor. Their lives were changed when their first daughter Jane was born. Jane lives with epilepsy, blindness, immobility and special needs. It is Hilary’s desire to share their story through writing and speaking, to bring hope, healing and laughter to others who have faced disappointment and tragedy. It is such an honor to watch Hilary preach. Her self-deprecating ...
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Power in Partnership

POWER IN PARTNERSHIP   In my life, I have worked in the entertainment industry and financial sector, and most recently took a full nose dive into the political arena.  During the course of my work, there were always problems that were too big to be solved alone. I witnessed proclamations of partnership, only to be disappointed by a lack of follow-through. Instead of giving up, I understood that fear probably fueled these retractions and  kept plugging forward. I can’t deny my expectations were a ...

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