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Did you know?

Did you know that more people live with epilepsy than with autism spectrum disorders, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy combined? Sadly, most are unaware of how prevalent epilepsy is.  I experienced this firsthand soon after Mickie was diagnosed.  Close friends would whisper to me that they had epilepsy.  They never shared this with others.  I was shocked.  How are we going to help those suffering from epilepsy if the awareness isn’t there?  There is a stigma associated with epilepsy causing ...

Walking through the Fear

We just returned from a trip to see Mickie’s Epileptologist, Dr. Mary Zupanc, in Southern California. This trip has become our thing. Like my fellow special needs parents, I’ve become a pro at managing the hospital stays, blood draws, routine and non routine doctor appointments and multiple therapy sessions. The preparation for a clinic visit or long term monitoring hospital stay (LTM)* begins months in advance. We call in Team Griess — Nana and dear friends step up to care ...

Always Be Growing

Amazing things have been unfolding since my last post.  Over the last few weeks we have started creating our non-profit called Mickie’s Miracles.  We have been so blessed with the tremendous amount of support and good wishes we have received.  I am excited that we have started the process of selecting our Board of Directors. We are pleased to announce our first member who will be our legal council. She is in the process of preparing the necessary documents to ...

Let’s Make Magic Happen

There are very few homes in life that you walk into and instantly envision your life and mission so vividly that you must make it a reality.  Gabe and I had that experience recently.  And last week, we signed the papers for our new home. However, our new home is more than that. We are perfectly connected with its rich history and it holds amazing possibilities for the future. Gabe and I purchased 225 Buck Avenue in Vacaville — The Buck Mansion.  ...
images from rare disease day event

World RARE Disease Day

Today was World RARE Disease Day and I spent my day at the Capitol with other RARE Disease advocates.  It was great to speak with others who have a similar vision.  However, while there I realized that our kids deserve so much more. We get to organize at the local level to create a model that works.  Our voices will be heard through panel presentations with community leaders and local representatives to discuss and answer questions about issues that are important ...
image of Mickie in from on Christmas tree

Everybody Gets to Go!

Society says that the logical step after high school graduation is college.  High School juniors and seniors spend countless hours visiting schools so they can choose the best one for them, setting them up for success after graduation.  However, for many, college may not be

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