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Limitless Possibilities

The moment Mickie was born, I was flooded with emotions that I had a little girl. It was in that moment I began to imagine what my little doppelganger would be like. All the hopes, dreams and stereotypes of what society and ultimately I believed came to mind. We were going to walk hand in hand to dance class in her pink tutu and spend countless hours with a trunk full of Barbies. I could not wait to pass on ...

Starting with WHY

Crazy, amazing, hectic and beautiful.  These are the adjectives to describe my life.  I am a Pediatric Epilepsy and RARE disease advocate.  I am also a wife to an amazing man named Gabe.  Our love story is magical. He met my childhood best friend on a Southwest Airlines flight and over the next 6 months they became friends. Then one day while having coffee he described to her his perfect woman, to which she replied, “that’s my best friend, Kristie.” ...

366 Days

In 366 days, I will turn 40! This will mark the end of one chapter of my life and the beginning of a new.  My beautiful family is complete with three little babies and a husband I adore. Our family is firmly rooted in Vacaville, California and I am continuing my journey as a pediatric epilepsy and RARE disease advocate. Join me over the next year, exploring the issues that effect us all, the highs and lows of being a ...

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