Meet Our Team


Kristie Griess

Kristie GriessKristie is Mickie’s mom and the Visionary and Founder of Mickie’s Miracles. It is her vision that families affected by Pediatric Epilepsy get the highest level of care available and that no family is left fighting a ghost.

Kat Bryan

an image of Kat BryanKat is Mickie’s Nana and is in charge of Special Projects and is many times behind the scenes making everything look effortless. It is Kat’s vision that no grandparent has to watch helplessly as their children and grandchildren suffer through the pain of not knowing what is next or when the next seizure will come.

Alex Cornell Du Houx

an image of Alex CornellAlex is one of Mickie’s favorite people. He is our Media & Government Relations Specialist. Like many others, Alex is inspired by Mickie. Her story reminds us of how vitally important it is to protect our kids, especially the 1 in 26 that will develop epilepsy. He is passionate about helping Mickie and all the children on our planet.

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