As summer days’ wane, I am soaking up the time with my kiddos. I enjoy my morning Lego building with Preston. This just means I sort them by color as he makes insanely cool and perfectly engineered creations and enlightens me on his world. Harrison holds my hand as we feed the many goldfish, 2 Koi fish (“Bubbles” and “Whiskey”) and 2 turtles (“Eva” and “Michelangelo”) in our pond. He squints his eyes and giggles mischievously when I catch him scaling the lattice that surrounds it. Mickie and I cuddle and break out in dance sessions at every opportunity. I look forward to my evening chats over a glass of wine when Gabe gets home and the kids are finally asleep. I’m feeling more calm but I reflect on my incessant re-balancing act. I feel lighter when I accept this as my reality and recognize how powerful and precious my time is and focus on how I want it maximized.

Mommy and Daddy Get to Play Too
A few weeks ago, a new business opportunity presented itself requiring Gabe and me to go to New York City. I was giddy. I reached out to my tribe for child care and my friends in the City to make plans. Whenever we get away I reawaken to the importance of this bonding time for us. We immediately resort to the flirting rituals of teenage lovers at about the time we get to airport security.

We hold hands as we get an uber private tour of the world renowned Gramercy Park by its Mayor and Trustee, Arlene
Harrison. I fell in love with her over dinner the evening prior.  We move our dinner party to the Rooftop of Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue.  I giggle over cocktails with my dear friend, Yuko. She is now a powerhouse business consultant and mommy to a gregarious almost 3-year-old daughter.  The craziness of mommyhood is a far cry from our single days in Los Angeles nearly a decade ago.  It feels like another lifetime. Nevertheless, I relish looking in the rearview mirror with her and make a pact for a girls’ reunion soon.

Gabe and I were gifted with tickets to the award winning musical FINDING NEVERLAND, the story of how Peter became Pan, on our last night. The storyline could not have been more apropos. It was almost an emphatic reminder from the Universe that we never have to grow up. Mommy and Daddy get to play too! This theme of lightening up and not taking life too seriously had been resonating with me all summer. We walked the bright streets hand in hand back to our hotel as I allow the city’s energy to revitalize me. I felt youthful and excited about what the future holds.


Mrs. Griess

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