I will never forget the day our epileptologist told us our daughter, Mickie, may never walk, talk or “be normal”. Acceptance of our new reality was a painful but necessary process. I was never embarrassed at becoming a special needs mama but my new reality came with insecurities and worries of my daughters emotional welfare. Would she be accepted? Would they bully her? Can they understand what she’s trying to communicate? Every parent worries but it was amplified because that’s the reality of having a medically complicated child. As she’s overcome and blossomed, I’m still learning how to let go and let Mickie be Mickie.

After her first day at cheer-gymnastics camp I received this feedback, “She was adorable”. Yes ??! They see her. Her beautiful soul is pure and I’m so grateful she doesn’t see what we have been programmed to see. She asks everyone to be her best friend because as she sees it you’re fabulous and she’s fabulous so why not? I celebrate her successes now with an incomparable gratitude. That she’s here. That I get to know her fabulous, sassy personality. That she lived and is seizure free. That I get to see her accomplishing her dreams to sing, cheer and be a gymnast. It’s all about the leotard and ponytail for her. Mickie and the non profit organization she inspired represents hope, miracles and all the love we have for her sweet warrior friends!

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