My Life With Epilepsy – By Jordan Bartley

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] My Life With Epilepsy – By Jordan Bartley Why do people think they know what’s best for me?  I can say that 10 years ago I thought no one knew me well enough to give me quality advice that would be beneficial specifically involving my epilepsy.  I believed anyone who didn’t have epilepsy wouldn’t […]

Magical, Musical, Medicine

mickies miracles blog contributor

Magical Musical Medicine   Kristie on our Contributor: Justine Chadly is the owner of In Harmony and has been a registered Music Together® teacher and licensed center director since 2003. She holds a BA in music from UC Davis with an emphasis in vocal performance and holds an MA in Music Education with an emphasis in […]

The Brain: Our Next Frontier

A close-up photo of a blond woman wearing glasses standing next to a brown-haired woman wearing makeup. The bottom of the image fades to pink and includes a quote: "The brain is for America today what the moon was for America in the 1960s: the next frontier." The quote is attributed to Maria Shriver. At the top of the photo is a purple brain logo and the words 'Mickie's Miracles Blog'.

I just returned from an inspirational trip to the Brain Health Fair in Boston. Hosted by the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), the Brain Health Fair launched the AAN Annual Meeting uniting over 15,000 neurologists from around the world. This event was designed and executed by neurologists who were on hand to answer questions about […]

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