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Power in Partnership

POWER IN PARTNERSHIP   In my life, I have worked in the entertainment industry and financial sector, and most recently took a full nose dive into the political arena.  During the course of my work, there were always problems that were too big to be solved alone. […]

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Magical, Musical, Medicine

Magical Musical Medicine   Kristie on our Contributor: Justine Chadly is the owner of In Harmony and has been a registered Music Together® teacher and licensed center director since 2003. She holds a BA in music from UC Davis with an emphasis in vocal performance and […]

A close-up photo of a blond woman wearing glasses standing next to a brown-haired woman wearing makeup. The bottom of the image fades to pink and includes a quote: "The brain is for America today what the moon was for America in the 1960s: the next frontier." The quote is attributed to Maria Shriver. At the top of the photo is a purple brain logo and the words 'Mickie's Miracles Blog'.

The Brain: Our Next Frontier

I just returned from an inspirational trip to the Brain Health Fair in Boston. Hosted by the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), the Brain Health Fair launched the AAN Annual Meeting uniting over 15,000 neurologists from around the world. This event was designed and executed […]


For the past few weeks, I have delved through old videos and pictures of Mickie during her early battle with Epilepsy to provide content for the Mickie’s Miracles website.

Women Making History

I have a long time friend whose invitations’ elicit a fast response from me. Ninon has had this effect on me since we first met in LA while working in the entertainment industry. She is a political sage and an intuitively powerful networker. So when she invited me to attend Senator Barbara Boxer’s Annual Women Making History Luncheon in Beverly Hills on August 23, I gladly accepted.

My Re-Balancing Act

As summer days’ wane, I am soaking up the time with my kiddos. I enjoy my morning Lego building with Preston. This just means I sort them by color as he makes insanely cool and perfectly engineered creations and enlightens me on his world.

Did You Know? Part Two

Many of you may already be aware that Mickie has a RARE Disease called Koolen-De Vries Syndrome.  Tomorrow happens to be Koolen-De Vries Awareness Day.  So in honor of Mickie and all of the other “Kool Kids”, I thought I would do another ‘Did You […]

LTM Part 1 and Jennifer Garner

When Gabe and I were married almost seven years ago we exchanged personally written vows. I always remember his promise to me that life would always be an adventure. The last few days have lived up to his declaration. After posting my last blog entry […]


What a whirlwind of change, growth and learning the past year has been for me. I have spent a month in reflection, creating a daily practice of meditation, yoga, reading and journaling.  This has helped me balance out from the fast pace rollercoaster our family […]

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